Kiln firing of ANAGAMA

ANAGAMA is susceptible to natural influences such as seasons and weather.
It is a very risky and difficult kiln compared to NOBORIGAMA.

The clay of Okinawa is a large shrinkage rate and there are different kinds of different types of firewood in Okinawa. Even from such conditions, the ability of the technician is appear remarkably.

To bake up to the core it is essential to sinter at 1280 – 1300 ° C, and we will do the kiln firing for 5 days (about 110 hours).


I am always designed my own kiln for anagama which burns sake’s urn, and I build the anagama on my own.
Firing kilns with this difficult kiln is a challenge to myself and it is also my pleasure.




The following is the state of the last day of the kiln firing (5th day).
When the maximum temperature is reached, the flame rises about 2 meters from the chimney.
After firing the kiln, lower the temperature about 10 days and removing ceramic art from kiln.

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