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New Gallery

From June 1st 2017 new gallery in Motobu Cho, Okinawa will be open.
New kilns and workshop are now ready for construction.

New address is :
1074 Shinzato
Motobu Cho
Okinawa 905-0208
Tel.  0980 43 0066

Please call beforehand.

Appear on NHK WORLD TV

NHK World, recently spent several days filming the firing in my kiln.

NHK is Japan’s sole public broadcasting organization, financed by receiving fees.
NHK WORLD is NHK’s international broadcasting service, informing the world about the latest developments in Japan and Asia via TV, radio, and the internet.

Let’s check out my TV appearance.

*ON AIR date and time.
■2016 November, 3rd, Thursday, 1:30pm JST, NHK world TV
* 1:30pm is in Japan time zone.

■2016 November, 8th, Tuesday, 3:00am JST, BS1
* Only broadcasting in Japan and no translation to Japanese.